Success Rate of Knee Replacement and Knee Care

 Surgery Success Rates for Knee Replacement

In India, more than 98% of total knee replacement surgeries are successful. The success rate for knee replacement surgery has increased and become more predictable since gyroscope-based computer guidance became available.

Is Having Multiple Knee Replacements Common?

"No" is the response to the query above. According to studies, 15 to 20 years after their initial knee replacement, 85 to 90% of patients report satisfactory results. Knee replacements usually survive 20 years or longer if no issues exist. Your odds of needing subsequent knee surgery may rise due to health and employment-related difficulties. Your implant might wear out sooner if you are overweight, continue strenuous manual labour, or engage in high-impact activities like sports and jogging that place additional strain on your knee. When thinking about a knee replacement, age is a key consideration. Many people put off getting TKR for as long as possible, hoping it will last forever.

Tips for Knee Care: Protect It For A Lifetime

The strain on your new knee will be lessened if you exercise regularly and lose weight. After finishing your official physical treatment, engaging in regular exercise and stretching is very important. Investigate low-impact exercises and motion-promoting activities as well. Maintaining knee strength and range of motion requires a lot of effort. Stretch regularly! 

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