To lose face

Meaning: To be humiliated.

 Usage: He lost face among his colleagues.

In the face of the day.

Meaning: Openly.

 Usage: Policeman killed the thief in the face of the day.

In point of fact.

Meaning: Indeed.

 Usage: In point of fact, our school team won the cricket match without much effort.

To pull a long face

Meaning: To look sad.

 Usage: They pulled a long face when they were not selected in the national football team.

Under the eye of.

Meaning: Under the observation of.

 Usage: The girl was brought up under the eye of her mother.

Bid fair

Meaning: Promise

 Usage: He bids fair to become a doctor.

Side with

Meaning: Openly sympathize.

 Usage: My father always sides with my brother.

Fall flat

Meaning: To fail.

 Usage: All my advice fell flat on his ears.

Fair weather friend.

Meaning : an unreliable friend.

Usage: Do not trust her, she is a fair weather friend.

Fall for

Meaning: Become an admirer of.

 Usage: My child has definitely fallen for his teacher.

Fall across

Meaning: To meet by chance.

 Usage: I fell across an old friend at bus stop.
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Hare brained.

Meaning: Wild, Rash.

 Usage: She is a hare brained woman.

Fall upon

Meaning: Attack

Usage: The Lion fell upon the Lamb.

Hard up

Meaning: in want.

 Usage: Tony is hard up of money now-a-days.

Hard Cash.

Meaning: Ready Money.

 Usage: There is no loan facility, you have to pay in hard cash.

Hard by

Meaning: Near

 Usage: He lives hard by Central Library.

Hare brained.

Meaning: Wild, Rash.

 Usage: She is a hare brained woman.


Meaning:Dishonest, Fraud.

Usage:The chief minister of our state is famous for his hanky-panky.

Hang Out

Meaning: Live

 Usage: He hang out in Mexico.

Fall from

Meaning: To recede from.

 Usage: He has fallen from his decision.

With bated breath.

Meaning: In a very anxious and excited manner.

 Usage: People watched the final over of cricket match with bated breath.


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