Meaning and usage of Act of God

Act of God Definition: Something that ooccured, such as an accident, for which no human is responsible. A natural disaster such as a storm, earthquake... Example: The Haiti earthquake was really an act of God.

Meaning and usage of Acid test

Acid test Definition: The idiom acid test refers to a decisive test whose findings show the worth or quality of something. Example: Our team's next match will be the first real acid test in this competition.

Meaning and usage of Achilles heel

Achilles heel Definition: Said about a strong situation which contains an element of vulnerability. Example: Journalists considered that minister as the government's Achilles heel.

Meaning and usage of above the salt

Above the salt Definition: If someone is above the salt they are of high standing or honor. The origin of the phrase dates back to the medieval times. Then salt which was a valuable seasoning was placed in the middle of a dining table and the lord and his family were seated "above the salt" and other guests or servants below. Example: In medieval times lords used to sit above the salt.

Meaning and usage of above the law

Above the law Definition: Not subject to the law, exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. Example: Nobody is above the law.

Meaning and usage of above suspicion

Above suspicion Definition: This phrase is used to describe a person who is honest enough that no one would suspect. The origin of the phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar, who divorced his wife Pompeia, on the grounds of her possible involvement in a public scandal, saying that "my wife ought not even to be under suspicion." This gave rise to a proverb, sometimes expressed: "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion." Example: That guy is a peaceful man; he is above suspicion.

Meaning and usage of man of action

A man of action Definition: A man who is inclined to act first rather than think about things and discuss them. Example: Bill is really a man of action. Since he arrived at the top of the association, he has done so many things.

Meaning and usage of lost ball in the weeds

A lost ball in the weeds Definition: The phrase a lost ball in the weeds refers to a person who is completely lost or confused and does not know what they are doing, how to do it or possibly even where they are. Example: I got confused as to what I should do. I was a lost ball in the weeds.

Meaning and usage of a little bird told me

A little bird told me Definition: Said when you don't want reveal the source of your information. Example: "How did you know the news?" "Oh, a little bird told me."

Meaning and usage of life saver

Meaning: This phrase is used to refer to something or someone that saves a person in a difficult situation or critical moment.

 usage: Thank you so much for your help. You're a real lifesaver!

Meaning of a fool and his money are soon parted

A fool and his money are soon parted Definition: This means that stupid people spend money without thinking about it enough. Example: John likes his extravagant lifestyle - but then a fool and his money are soon parted.

Meaning of a fact of life

A fact of life Definition: This idiom is used to refer to something which is unpleasant and which people accept because they cannot change it. Example: Violence has become a fact of life among teenagers these days.

Meaning of a Dime's worth

A dime's worth Definition: An insignificant amount Example: At best, he'll make a dime's worth of difference with his interference in the affair.

Meaning of a clean bill of health

A clean bill of health Definition: Said when you examine someone or something and state that they are healthy, in good condition, or legal. Example: 1. The president was given a clean bill of health by his doctors. 2. The company received a clean bill of health because it fulfilled all the safety requirements.

Meaning of a breath of fresh air

A breath of fresh air Definition: Said about a new, fresh, and imaginative approach, a change that feels good. Example: The president says that the country needs a breath of fresh air.

Meaning of a bit of fluff

A bit of fluff Definition: (Also a bit of skirt.) A sexually attractive woman. Example: I saw him yesterday with a bit of fluff.

Meaning of 101

101 Definition: In the American educational system 101 indicates an introductory course, often with no prerequisites. The meaning has been extended to include any introduction to the basics of anything. Example: You can find healthy recipes in any 101 cook book.

Meaning of er indoors

'er indoors Definition: (idiomatic, Britain) one's wife

Meaning of Come full circle

Come Full Circle-to return to the original or a similar position, situation, or circumstance where one or something started-

After the banking sector brought on the economic collapse through lack of federal oversight, things seem to be coming full circle as politicians are beginning to call for deregulation of the industry once again.

Meaning of Turn over a new leaf

Turn Over A New Leaf-start to act or behave in a better or more responsible way-

Apparently he's turned over a new leaf and he's not smoking any more.

Meaning of Glass Ceiling

Glass Ceiling-an unacknowledged discriminatory barrier to advancement-

At the age of 43, she became the highest ranking woman officer in the country, squashing all speculations of the existence of a glass ceiling.

Meaning of buck stop here

The buck stops here' is a promise that responsibility will not be passed on to anyone else.

Meaning of knight in shining armour

A knight in shining armor: A person who will rescue a dangerous situation, a hero.

Example: We should work it out on our own and not wait for a knight in shining armor who may never come.

Meaning of couch potato

A couch potato: Lazy person.

Example: A couch potato like him cannot succeed in life.

Meaning of pass the buck


Pass the buck: to pass the blame (to someone else); to give the responsibility (to someone else).

Example: Don't try to pass the buck because everybody knows that it's your fault.

meaning of Zip Past

zip past


  • to move rapidly

Example Sentences

  1. The boy just zipped past me in the line  without having any concern about others..

meaning of Zip It

zip it


  • to ask someone to shut up

Example:Can you please zip it so I can concentrate on my studies 


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