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Alcohol , Excessive Caffeine and Better Mental Health

 Substance Abuse

The truth is, most of us have some substance that we feel dependent on to get us through the day. Maybe you’ve never touched an illegal substance in your life, but you like a glass or two of wine every night. Or perhaps you don’t drink or do drugs, but you consume large amounts of coffee to keep you awake and alert at work.

All psychoactive substances affect the way your brain and body work.

But, alcohol use can cause depression, mood swings, a range of health conditions including heart and liver diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and cancers, and can also lead to an increased risk of injuries and violence. Alcohol abuse is also significantly linked to social problems and may increase the risk of issues such as domestic violence.

Meanwhile, caffeine is generally considered to be a 'harmless' drug, but drinking too much can increase feelings of stress and anxiety, and can even raise your blood pressure.

While moderation is always key, and not everybody will want to go completely teetotal, cutting down on your consumption of substances such as  caffeine, and even sugar can help your mental health significantly.

Ref: 3 Bad Habits To Quit For Better Mental Health by 


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