Make a hole in

Meaning : To use a large part of.

 Usage : I bought a house and it made a hole in my saving.

By hook or by crook

Meaning : By fair or foul means.

 Usage : He like to succeed in life by hook or by crook.

Hook, line and sinker

Meaning : In detail, completely.

 Usage : He understood the poem hook, line and sinker.

At one's best.

Meaning : On the most favourable supposition.

 Usage : He was at his best in the quarter final match.

Best seller

Meaning : The most popular book.

 Usage : This book is a best seller.

Hale and Hearty

Meaning : Very healthy.

 Usage : He is hale and hearty.

Carry weight.

Meaning: To have influence.

 Usage: Her opinion carries a lot of weight in financial matters.

To carry out.

Meaning: To obey.

 Usage: You must carry out the order of your parents.

To carry off

Meaning: To kill

 Usage: Malaria has carried off many people of the village.

Care nothing for

Meaning: To take no interest in.

 Usage: He cares nothing for studies.

Cast away

Meaning: To waste.

 Usage: He should not cast away his money on useless activities.


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