Learn English: Consist of or consist from

 Correct usage: Consist of

A week consists of seven days

Learn English: Meaning and usage of abaft in sentences

 1. adverb

in or behind the stern of a ship.

"The swell was either just abaft or on the beam and at night you couldn't see it."

2. preposition
nearer the stern than; behind.

"the yacht has a shower just abaft the galley"

Learn and enhance your English language: Meaning and usage of A-okay

 1. adjective

in good order or condition; all right.

"everything will be A-OK"

Learn and enhance your English language: Meaning and usage of A- Bomb

 1. adverb

in a way based on reasoning from known facts or past events rather than by making assumptions or predictions."This lays them under a necessity of speaking a posteriori , if I may be allowed the phrase."

2. adjective

relating to or denoting reasoning or knowledge that proceeds from observations or experiences to the deduction of probable causes."This volume presents the most up-to-date information available on a posteriori error estimation for finite element approximation in mechanics and mathematics."

Learn and enhance your English language:Meaning and usage of A level

 1. noun

(in the UK except Scotland) the higher of the two main levels of standardized examinations in secondary schools.

"There are about 20 students who are studying very hard, so they can start the A-level course next year."

Learn and enhance your English language: Correct and proper usage of Heal in sentences

 *  The wound has begun to heal.

*His wound had started to heal.

*Make sure you give himself some time to heal.

* Lord almighty will heal him.

Meaning of Bark worse than bite

 Used for: someone who makes threats but never carries them out."

Learn and enhance your English language:Correct and proper usage of schedule in sentences

* It doesn't conflict with your schedule.

*Staying on schedule is important.

*Pick up a copy of your schedule.

*The local train was on schedule.

*Someone has to keep them on schedule.

Other ways of saying " Goodbye"

 *  "See you"

* "See you again"

* "Catch you later"

* "Peace again" 

* " See you later"

* "Looking forward to meet you again"

Effective, smart and new ways of saying goodbye


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