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Importance, Storage and Selection of Best Industrial First Aid Kits

 A good employer will take the safety of their workers very seriously and ensure they have a first aid kit for business use, or more than one if the property is large enough to need it. In an industrial setting, the workplace will also need additional considerations in case of an industrial workplace accident. These kits need to be easy to get, in places the workers know about, not under lock and key. There also need to be plenty of employees who are trained in first aid. With the right preparation and training should an injury or accident happen you are better prepared to handle it swiftly and correctly and reduce the chance of there being long-term implications from not having these things. It is not just good for workers’ health it is good for their productivity too and investing in first aid is a lot less costly than having to face lawsuits, paying workers time off to recover and so on.

Choosing the right kits

It is important that a suitable first aid kit for work is chosen and that there is enough there. You can look online for different types of kits, type in business first aid kit, or industrial first aid kit and you can see a lot of examples. Then you just need to choose kits that have enough supplies for how many people working there. For example something for 10 employees or less, 25 employees or less and so on. The kind of kit you would as an employer put in the office where your office workers are, is different to what you would put in the warehouse or in work vehicles.

One place your can look is the Red Cross online. Whether you choose red cross kits or another type, just make sure they meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration's requirements. You don’t want things in there that are unsafe to use, or out of date and such. Depending on the workplace you might also consider things like gloves, masks, gowns, goggles, spill-up clean kits, and other first aid equipment that could prove useful like a stretcher, AED and such.

Storing workplace kits

It needs to be kept in a suitable place. It should be in a watertight container, it should be portable so it is easily carried to where it is needed, it should be durable in case it gets knocked around. There is no point in keeping a kit in a locked-up cupboard or box people cannot get to. When there is an emergency it should be easy to see and reach for anyone. With it should be a list of what it contains and it should be kept well-stocked. Someone should be in charge of noting when things have passed their dates, and when things get used, and replace them.

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