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How to Use Eye Drops Correctly

 Eye Care Hospital rated as one of the leading Best Eye Hospital in India, established in 1987. and it has now become a full fledged outpatient Cataract Surgery Center with the most modern equipments and technology. We have Provides Eye Care For Children.

Caring for your children's eyes is an important process, and preventing issues before they arise is the best way to ensure that their eyes develop well as they grow. While for adults there are a number of different solutions to sight problems, such as contact lenses laser eye surgery, children realistically only have access to glasses, which are easily broken and lost, and expensive to replace. Therefore, it's important to make sure that every measure is taken to ensure your child has optimum eyesight throughout their formative years. Here are some of the things you can do alongside regular check-ups to keep their eyes clean and healthy - and encourage them to do the same!

Eye care hospital in ahmedabad is sharing this information for public health.

1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying the eye drops.

2. To open the bottle tighten the cap on nozzle and it would puncture the bottle do not open bottle with needle or pin.

3. Open the cap of the eye drops solution and place the cap upside down on clean surface (See that the cap does not touch anywhere)

4. The patient should lie down on a couch or a bed. Gently pull the lower lid down and instill the drops.

5. Close both the eyes for one minute so that medication will have enough contact time with the eye.

6. To prevent contamination, please avoid touching the eye with the tip of the bottle.

7. Use the drops within one month of opening the bottle and throw the drops after one month of opening even if it is full.

8. If you have many kinds of eye drops, please allow 10 minutes between each kind. If you are using both eye drops and ointment, please apply the drops first.

9. Bring all medication on every follow-up visits.

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