Bear down

Meaning : Overthrow, Overcome.

 Usage : People revolted and bore the president down.

           He bore down all the opposition.

Mind your eye

Meaning : Take care

 Usage : Mind your eye otherwise it may leads to errors.

Turn a blind eye.

Meaning : To pretend not to see.

 Usage : The traffic police turned a blind eye when the accident occured.

With an eye to

Meaning : With an aim.

 Usage : They always strive hard with an eye to achieve success in life.

Face to Face

Meaning : Confronting one another, Directly opposite.

 Usage : The managers of the two companies came face to face in the meeting.


Meaning : in action, in motion, in fun.

 Usage : The people was abuzz during the wedding celebrations.

Access to

Meaning : Influence, approach.

 Usage : He has access to the president of the institution.

With one accord

Meaning : With full agreement.

 Usage : They passed the resolution with one accord.

Of one's own accord.

Meaning : Without any pressure, voluntarily.

 Usage : She went to the principal of his own accord.

According to

Meaning : In accordance with, agreeable to.

 Usage : The work will be completed according to your guidelines.

Off Beam

Meaning: Inaccurate.

 Usage: The calculated measurement of the plot was off the beam.

On one's beam ends.

Meaning: In acute distress.

Usage: Due to terrible loss of money, he is on beam ends.

Down at heel.

Meaning: Shabby and untidy.

Usage: He looks very down at heel.

At the point of bayonet.

Meaning: Under threat of force.

 Usage: Terrorists hijacked the plane at the point of bayonet.

To bay at the moon.

Give battle

Meaning: Attack

 Usage: Freedom fighters gave battle to the invaders.

Make a hole in

Meaning : To use a large part of.

 Usage : I bought a house and it made a hole in my saving.

By hook or by crook

Meaning : By fair or foul means.

 Usage : He like to succeed in life by hook or by crook.

Hook, line and sinker

Meaning : In detail, completely.

 Usage : He understood the poem hook, line and sinker.

At one's best.

Meaning : On the most favourable supposition.

 Usage : He was at his best in the quarter final match.

Best seller

Meaning : The most popular book.

 Usage : This book is a best seller.

Hale and Hearty

Meaning : Very healthy.

 Usage : He is hale and hearty.

Carry weight.

Meaning: To have influence.

 Usage: Her opinion carries a lot of weight in financial matters.

To carry out.

Meaning: To obey.

 Usage: You must carry out the order of your parents.

To carry off

Meaning: To kill

 Usage: Malaria has carried off many people of the village.

Care nothing for

Meaning: To take no interest in.

 Usage: He cares nothing for studies.

Cast away

Meaning: To waste.

 Usage: He should not cast away his money on useless activities.

To lose face

Meaning: To be humiliated.

 Usage: He lost face among his colleagues.

In the face of the day.

Meaning: Openly.

 Usage: Policeman killed the thief in the face of the day.

In point of fact.

Meaning: Indeed.

 Usage: In point of fact, our school team won the cricket match without much effort.

To pull a long face

Meaning: To look sad.

 Usage: They pulled a long face when they were not selected in the national football team.

Under the eye of.

Meaning: Under the observation of.

 Usage: The girl was brought up under the eye of her mother.

Bid fair

Meaning: Promise

 Usage: He bids fair to become a doctor.

Side with

Meaning: Openly sympathize.

 Usage: My father always sides with my brother.

Fall flat

Meaning: To fail.

 Usage: All my advice fell flat on his ears.

Fair weather friend.

Meaning : an unreliable friend.

Usage: Do not trust her, she is a fair weather friend.

Fall for

Meaning: Become an admirer of.

 Usage: My child has definitely fallen for his teacher.

Fall across

Meaning: To meet by chance.

 Usage: I fell across an old friend at bus stop.
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Hare brained.

Meaning: Wild, Rash.

 Usage: She is a hare brained woman.

Fall upon

Meaning: Attack

Usage: The Lion fell upon the Lamb.

Hard up

Meaning: in want.

 Usage: Tony is hard up of money now-a-days.

Hard Cash.

Meaning: Ready Money.

 Usage: There is no loan facility, you have to pay in hard cash.

Hard by

Meaning: Near

 Usage: He lives hard by Central Library.

Hare brained.

Meaning: Wild, Rash.

 Usage: She is a hare brained woman.


Meaning:Dishonest, Fraud.

Usage:The chief minister of our state is famous for his hanky-panky.

Hang Out

Meaning: Live

 Usage: He hang out in Mexico.

Fall from

Meaning: To recede from.

 Usage: He has fallen from his decision.

With bated breath.

Meaning: In a very anxious and excited manner.

 Usage: People watched the final over of cricket match with bated breath.


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